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Is anybody out there able to give me points or Core Membership? Somebody wants me to be an admin of another place, but I'm already part of like 4 groups as an admin, so… -_-
Starting to recover
Trying to get better
Can't think this is over
Gotta go forward
#ThereIsStillHope #FilledWithDetermination
I don't know what to do anymore. Should I… should I keep going? In a world where those closest to me love me so… wrongly? Is this fate? This is scary… I'm scared. I don't quite like this.
Crimson Rose Cafe FC - Bloody Mary by PsychedAngsty
Crimson Rose Cafe FC - Bloody Mary
So this is an FC (aka fanmade character) that I'm putting into the Crimson Rose Café for roleplay purposes. She's of the Rise of the Guardians fandom. She's actually supposed to be a persona of mine for a work that :icondiscordedwolfgal13: and I are planning to collaborate on at some time in the future. Thought she'd be good to use here as well, but not as a persona.

Name: Formerly known as Mary Ann the Noble. Currently goes by Bloody Mary, or simply Mary. She does not remember her surname, nor does she care.

Age: She lost count. As long as she stays in her late teens, she's fine with not knowing.

Race: Spirit (formerly human)

Gender: Female

Height: 183 cm (6'0")

Weight: 48 kg (105.82 lbs)

Personality: Mostly cold, but softens around children. She's a rather dignified individual, though she actively creates trouble every once in a while for the fun of it. She's also surprisingly tender and caring of especially the (physically) younger folk. When fighting, she is vicious and full of surprises.

Hobbies: Visiting children, following children, taking care of children, causing chaos around those who are no longer children.

Appearance: The picture provided. However, this drawing is a rough draft, and will most likely be revised or redone, either by me or my friend. Sorry for not having a front view picture.

Bio: Mary doesn't remember everything in her life. What she does remember is that she was regarded to be a witch by many--though things turned good for her when she discovered a cure to a disease that no one else could remedy. She'd later travel through the woods in order to help treat other towns, and would gain a friend called Willow in the process. She became the wise-woman of the local area (though she was perhaps only in her early teens back then), and treated mostly sick or wounded younger children. Her friend Willow would sometimes stop by to provide the town children with entertainment, and would always drag her along into the woods.
    One night, though, Mary was gravely injured for reasons that she no longer remembers--all she knows is that all four limbs of hers had been broken, along with some other wounds. While Willow had attempted a poultice for her, an accident within the house had trapped both friends in a fire they could not escape. The Man in the Moon took pity on them both, and for their respective deeds of saving lives at some point in the past, he revived them as spirits. Mary became Bloody Mary, Willow became Will-o'-the-Wisp. One coming to the children that call her name, the other beckoning the children that lose their way.
    While they've been surprisingly good with children, horrid myths around them came to rise. Honestly, Mary doesn't blame them--she and Willow have pulled a millennium's worth of pranks already, it's only natural.
    Mary and Willow were later elected to be the next Guardians, after Jack Frost. But the two girls have never been successfully recruited.

Just so you know, Bloody Mary has some powers. She uses blood manipulation (it's not the same as bloodbending, I swear), changing certain body parts to act more like weaponry, teleportation to anywhere through reflective surfaces (though you can get lost temporarily), and underwater (or under any other liquid) breathing. She's also capable of flight (though it's not the speedy kind) and generating certain sounds (like echoes or bells or songs).

That being said, she's got her weaknesses. Children do have to believe in her existence in order for her to remain in power. When she reaches a certain milestone of non-believers, she'll start cracking apart like porcelain or glass. (Child deaths don't count as long as they believed in her up until that point.) She's also weak to winter temperatures, though she doesn't allow that to hinder her so much. She's also one of those Glass Cannon characters, so as long as you time them right, a few strong blows will knock her out cold.

Oh, here's a little thing. Pitch Black seriously annoys her because he wants to recruit her for his own purposes. He is also equally unsuccessful, if not more so, than the Guardians.

Her center is pride. She helps children gain confidence in themselves, or she pushes them to downfall via hubris. The blood she controls (and appears out of nowhere) does wonders on the willpower of any child who has been marked with it.
Will-o'-the-Wisp and Bloody Mary (Willow and Mary) by PsychedAngsty
Will-o'-the-Wisp and Bloody Mary (Willow and Mary)
These are my basic designs for Willow and Mary… known to children around the world as Will-o'-the-Wisp and Bloody Mary.

Okay, so, :icondiscordedwolfgal13: and I are planning to make a Rise of the Guardians fancomic at a future point in time. It's basically a couple of self-inserts; these two will be our personas in there.

Everything else… we still have a long ways to plan.

I'll be doing story, Discord will be doing art. Don't start asking us too many questions just yet, we still need to set a few things straight.

Also, I know my art sucks, nobody has to point it out. But I would appreciate some constructive feedback.

Do not use these two without permission from BOTH of us.
I got tagged by :icondarkecoromantica:, hopefully I can answer whatever's below without looking like a doofus.

Here's the original meme.  The RP Comfort MemeA meme I made to help people out who may have trouble communicating, or who wants to share their preferences with people before a role-play begins!
Also reusing an old journal again...
RP Comfort Meme
A valuable meme for any role-player!
Come display your comfort levels so your role-play partners are aware of what they can do, and of what they should avoid! A healthy relationship between role-play partners is the key to a good time!
While this meme shows the basics, please remember to communicate with your role-play partners!
Role Play Basics
I am comfortable doing:
- Comment 
- Chats
- Notes
- Forum
- Skype
- Google Docs
- Other 
I am comfortable with:
- One on one role plays.
- Up to three people.
- Up to four people.
- Five or more people!
- As big as possible!
Post Length
I usually write about:
- One or two sentences.
- One or two paragraphs.
- Two to five paragraphs.
- More than five paragraphs.
- A few pages worth.
I am comforta

A valuable meme for any role-player!
Come display your comfort levels so your role-play partners are aware of what they can do, and of what they should avoid! A healthy relationship between role-play partners is the key to a good time!
While this meme shows the basics, please remember to communicate with your role-play partners!

Role Play Basics

I am comfortable doing:
- Comment: Only the not-so-serious ones that won't last long.
- Chats: HELL YEAH!
- Notes: Sure, if you wanna do that.
- Forum: I don't know if DA has forums, but I RP on forums elsewhere sometimes.
- Skype: Sure, but that's if I know you on Skype.
- Google Docs: If nothing else works, okay.
- Other: I use Discord for RP sometimes, and I've used Facebook for this before.

I am comfortable with:
- One on one role plays.: Mm-hmm.
- Up to three people.: Yeah, that works.
- Up to four people.: That works too.
- Five or more people!: I've done it before, and I think it's possible as long as we all do this on a place where we can save logs.
- As big as possible!: Depends. I'm booting out the people that I know are assholes.

Post Length
I usually write about:
- One or two sentences.: This is for the more simpler actions, and maybe some of the dialogue.
- One or two paragraphs.: Yeah, my posts tend to be around this long if we're going with passage format.
- Two to five paragraphs.: Sometimes, it goes like this, but only if there are some details I need to mention specifically.
- More than five paragraphs.: No, I don't remember myself having gone there.
- A few pages worth.: I don't SEE myself going this far. ^^;

I am comfortable role-playing with people who write:
- One or two sentences.: As long as they're grammatically correct. I won't point it out unless it's getting way too problematic.
- One or two paragraphs.: Yeah, that's average.
- Two to five paragraphs.: It's all right.
- More than five paragraphs.: It's okay, but don't expect me to write back with the equal amount.
- A few pages worth.: You can, I guess, but when do I finish reading all that?

Role-play Requests
I like getting requests from:
- Anyone and everyone at any time!: As long as you aren't an asshole, I'm okay with you.
- When I ask for role-plays.: I mean, I asked for it, so I'd like it if I get a response, right?
- From friends and acquaintances.: Hell yeah~
- From friends only.: Yeah!

Romantic Relationships
** Important: Communication is the key to a real life relationship, it shouldn't be abandoned for a fictional one either! Be sure to talk to your partners when considering romance!

I am comfortable shipping my characters:
- Never.: I've already shipped somebody, so this is negated.
- Our character know each other deeply.: Depends.
- Our character know each other deeply, and I know I can trust the role-player.: Honestly, I don't think we'd be roleplaying if I didn't trust you.
- At the first sign of flirting!: Well, if we're going like this, we'll have to start out with small crushes before it gets any deeper.
- Only if the role-player and I plan it.: Either one of us would have to explicitly tell the other that we want this happening.
- It depends on the character.: I don't see some of my characters getting shipped. That or they may already have other ships going on.

If you want to ship with my characters:
- Talk to me about it from the start.: I mean, you can, but please give me a reason as to why.
- Talk to me about it once our characters know each other.: Sure, just know I might reject it.
- Talk to me about it once they both have some feelings for each other.: They won't have feelings for each other unless we've determined it.
- Talk to me about it when they finally decide that want to go beyond hugging.: You HAVE to talk to me before this.

When shipping my characters, I like the romance to happen:
- Swift as lightening!: I don't think that would be a serious love, in that case. More like an among-kids crush kind of thing?
- Fast, but not super fast.: I'm okay with it going fast. Just, y'know, let me know you want this and get my say-so first.
- Happens in about three months.: This is all right. Though I'd assume these 3 months would be in-RP and not real-time.
- Slow and steady wins the race.: I'm okay with this.
- Slugs know what's up!: All right, then…
- My relationships know no speed. They happen if they happen.: My thoughts exactly.

When my characters gets intimate, I prefer:
- To skip the act entirely.: NO SMUT IN RPS WITH ME!
- To write the build up, but skip the act.: NO SMUT IN RPS WITH ME!
- To write the act only if it is very special, but otherwise skip it.: NO SMUT IN RPS WITH ME!
- To write the act all the way through.: NO SMUT IN RPS WITH ME!

Romantic Artwork
When it comes to artwork depicting our relationship please:
- Do not post it at all without talking to me.: There are some cases in which I wouldn't mind this, but at least remember to point out that one of those characters are mine.
- Post it if it is cuddles and hugs.: Sure, it looks cute!
- Post it if it is kisses.: Kisses on the cheeks, sure, but anything otherwise, I'm not too sure. I mean, ask me first.
- Post it if it is much more.: How much more?
- Do not post it at all if it depicts sexual acts!: Don't even think of DRAWING such!
- Do not post it where I can see it, but draw what you like!: This… really depends on what the art is like.

** Important: Always be sure to communicate with your partner individually if you think you are about to go outside their comfort zones even just the slightest bit!!

When it comes to violent situations, I am comfortable with:
- No violence at all!: I'm okay with violence. Not having any is also fine.
- I'm fine with verbal arguments!: Yeah, I'm okay with this.
- Some violence, like a paper cut, or an accidental elbow to the face.: Sure.
- Mild violence, such as punching, kicking, hair pulling.: Sounds a lot like some of my characters.
- Violence, such as stabbings.: Sounds like a few of my characters.
- Beyond violence, such as torture and more.: As long as it doesn't get to the point of guts spilling out or hanging heads on the wall or something, that's just… ew. If you're going to go with torture, let me know what exactly you're planning.

If you are going to do something violent, please:
- Don't do it at all.: Well, if you want us to go that way, then fine.
- Talk to me about it first.: It would be quite appreciated.
- Surprise me!: As long as you don't overdo it from the start, I'm okay.

Dramatic Artwork
- Do not post any dramatic scenes that that happened between our characters.: You can, but I'd like it if I was credited for my character.
- Talk to me about it before posting!: I'd appreciate that.
- Post what you like!: Just keep the below the strict Mature Content label, I can't access those (nor am I sure I can cope with anything of that level).

Now tag a few individuals, if you like, so you can better understand your partners!
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