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Belumination OCT - Judge Reference - Yeon-Hwa by PsychedAngsty Belumination OCT - Judge Reference - Yeon-Hwa :iconpsychedangsty:PsychedAngsty 9 1 Your Story OCT - Reference - Psyche by PsychedAngsty Your Story OCT - Reference - Psyche :iconpsychedangsty:PsychedAngsty 5 0 The Mindscape of Esp and Psyche by PsychedAngsty The Mindscape of Esp and Psyche :iconpsychedangsty:PsychedAngsty 3 0
EA-LEC: New Web of Adventure in the Darkness Pt. 4
“Don’t stand there watching me,
Follow me, show me what you can do!
Everybody let go, we can hit the dance floor,
Just like a circus!”

The song resonated throughout the bar, one impeccably vocalized note after another, word and voice riling up the audience with the very vigor of the child still singing onstage.
Soon, the song ended up and everyone had started to cheer the child on in a roaring boom. The worker scratched the back of his head as he walked back on-screen.
“Wow, kid, you are really on fire today.” He said. “This is like… What, how many songs you sung now?”
Kani shrugged. “I wasn’t counting. I think I’ve done enough, though.”
“Y-Yeah, I think so…” The worker said, chuckling nervously.
“Dang right! You need to protect that precious voice!”
Everyone’s eyes widened before turning to the direction of the voice to see one of the patrons walking over. She
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EA-LEC: New Web of Adventure in the Darkness Pt. 3
“But I have to ask, Ishan. Why are you limited to only one type of magic?” Ashley asked as he, Ishan and Shannon sat at a table. “Are you unable to cast more than one type?”
“Actually, we are,” Ishan replied, almost immediately. “The true issue lies in physical or mental limitations. Without adequate resilience, we cannot cast more than one type of magic, as practicing one type alone brings about its own set of guidelines.” The boy crossed his legs and folded his arms, thinking. “Aside from those who have achieved Agelessness, one of the only people I know to be capable of more than one kind of magic is a prodigy like Doreen.”
This made Ashley raised an eyebrow. “Oh, really? She is really that skilled?”
“Yes! I am thrilled to say I have been one to witness her utilize other magics!” Then he shrugged. “Unfortunately, I am afraid to say she cannot do so to their fullest potential. Not only are those
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EA-LEC: New Web of Adventure in the Darkness Pt. 2
The unlikely duo of Doreen and Kani had made their way through the dark place of Night Town while scanning the area. As expected from a town that was shrouded in eternal darkness, the trees were mostly barren. They also witnessed various species that they usually see in horror movies like vampires and zombies.
“Hoo, boy,” Kani breathed. “This is actually super cool!”
“Enlighten me,” Doreen replied, equally marveling at what they saw. “To think I would stumble upon a whole community of dark beings!”
“Hey, come to think of it, you’ve been around light beings too, right?”
“Aye, the Seayarynn.”
“How were those guys?”
“Oh. The only true differences I have spotted are in their appearances, clothing, and values. All else is similar.”
Kani let out a low whistle. “You think these guys are gonna be chill with us just hanging around them like this? Because I’m preeetty sure we don
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EA-LEC: New Web of Adventure in the Darkness Pt. 1
“C’mon, pleeease? We wanna see Ashley again!”
“Why Ashley? Why not ME!?”
“You’re right here!”
“Y-Yeah, but don’t you wish to know more about me?”
“You’re a braggart, I’m pretty sure you’ll spill whatever about yourself when you want,” Kani huffed, folding her arms with a pout.
Shannon growled when he heard this. Just when he thought that he was going to have an audience with the residents of Giunix, it turned out that all they wanted to do was talk with his inferior brother.
“Why are you SO determine to talk to Ashley?” Shannon asked in disbelief.
“Laine’s on a trip to the city with those dragon people or whatever. She’s gotta have quality time with her Allies. Ashley’s the next person we can think of that acts a little more like her.”
“Do they act alike?” That came from Doreen, face aloof, voice serene but curious. “I do not see mu
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Lusamine from Pokemon Sun/Moon by PsychedAngsty Lusamine from Pokemon Sun/Moon :iconpsychedangsty:PsychedAngsty 8 5
EA-LEC: Encouragement (A Psyche and Tiny Collab)
Fenrir gave an unsure with his eye before he made his way down the stairs to the ground floor of the Heroes’ Hideout. He was looking at a card. It was the same business card, Edana gave him.
Even then, that meeting with Edana, Fenrir had been thinking non-stop about his future. He would either become a professional singer or he would join the angels in saving the world. Never in his years, he would had expected to make such a large choice.
“Hey, Fenrir!”
The wolf’s eye widened before turning to see Spot rushing over while waving at him with a big grin on his face. Fenrir returned the smile, happy to see him.
“There, you are! I got worried about you! You had been cooped up in your room all morning!” Spot said.
“Yeah, I was thinking.” Fenrir said, looking to the side.
Spot tilted his head. “About accepting Edana’s offer?”
“Yeah…” Fenrir said, holding up the card for Spot to see.
The Dalmatian raised an ey
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EA-LEC: Reunion (Collab between Psyche and Tiny)
It was actually quite rare for Ashley to leave the eternally-dark continent of Necropolis. Despite it seemed unhealthy for a human to live there, he had gotten used to it. He kinda had to though as he did had a best friend who would literally die if sunlight hit him.
However, there was still a couple of cases where he would leave his home on Elarthe. Particularly to buy a new book about magic. Recently, he had heard about this recent book about a certain type of magic in Belcazzar City and he just had to go out to buy it.
When he rode out of Necropolis, he was forced to deal with the blinding light of the sun. Just for how long since he had actually let the sun touched his skin? It was a good thing he had a hood to cover him from the sun.
Thankfully, it wasn’t that warm so he could easily go over to the shop that had the magic book. The book was quite expensive but thanks to the diamonds given by his student’s guardian, it was more than enough to buy.
After purchasing his p
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For EA-LEC: Kani
NAME: Kani
GENDER: Female
AGE: 13
HEIGHT: 155 cm (5’1”)
WEIGHT: 42 kg (92.59 lbs)
SPECIES: Human (or relatively close to it)
OCCUPATION: Audiomancer
LIKES: Noise in general, getting things her way
DISLIKES: People who think they can one-up her in music, not getting thing her way
HOBBIES: Music and absolutely anything related to it, bugging her friends, watching movies
APPEARANCE: Kani’s hair is wild and thick, but it is in fact surprisingly well-groomed. It is a violet pale enough to be considered pink, and there are streaks of much stronger violet going through. They may seem like highlights, but she was pretty much born this way. The hair parts into two at her nape and goes right down to her elbows. Her skin is, in contrast to all her companions thus far, like dark brown autumn leaves. Bright golden eyes stand out on her face.
    Her standard battle attire consists of a short-sleeved tank top, which is a dark magenta with a design of golden intertwin
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For EA-LEC: Doreen
NAME: Doreen
GENDER: Female
AGE: 15
HEIGHT: 170 cm (5’7”)
WEIGHT: 45 kg (99.21 lbs.)
SPECIES: Human (or relatively close to it)
OCCUPATION: Pathomancer
LIKES: Nature, new knowledge
DISLIKES: Being reminded of her past and what she did to fix that past
HOBBIES: Fencing, music, hunting, ritualistic activities
APPEARANCE: Doreen’s hair is forest green, and is long enough to reach the spot right behind her knees. She has icy blue eyes, which only seem icier by her lack of expression. Upon her forehead is a large third eye, which is usually gray and glows when she uses certain powers. That eye seems to have a mind of its own… Doreen refers to them as Zenon. Her skin is extremely pale. Over her limbs are a series of markings—the arms have crisscross patterns while the legs make it seem as if she is wearing several chains of anklets. On the backs of both her hands are markings that resemble Celtic triangle knots. All these markings glow in different colors accord
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For EA-LEC: Ishan
NAME: Ishan
AGE: 14
HEIGHT: 164 cm (5’5”)
WEIGHT: 45 kg (99.2 lbs.)
SPECIES: Human (or relatively close to it)
OCCUPATION: Regomancer
LIKES: Organizing things, being recognized as worthy
DISLIKES: Having his concentration bothered, being underestimated
HOBBIES: Target practice, watching clouds, ball sports, board games
APPEARANCE: His hair is jet black, slightly slicked forward, and a tad longer and thicker than that of an average boy (although the hair never goes past the bottom of his neck). He has spiky-edged bangs that happen to be uneven in length, as they extend to partially cover his right eye. It doesn’t really bother him, though. His eyes are a light amethyst violet. His skin is extremely pale, but it is not purely white. While it could be unnatural, it does add to his looks and makes him rather charming. It’s worth noting that he is not a vampire.
    His standard battle attire consists of a long-sleeved blue robe with golde
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Train to Dimimeni: a Character Replacement Fic
Peering out with empty eyes at the road, an animatronic construction worker waved its baton up and down, guiding yet-to-come vehicles through the tollgate beside Jort Lake. Right behind it stood tall an inflatable sign, reading: PREVENTIVE MEASURES BEING TAKEN. GO SLOWLY!
The oncoming pickup truck ignored the sign and sped forward through the tollgate.
As soon as it passed by, it was forced to skid to a halt--a man clad almost entirely in white, complete with a hood and a sanitary mask stepped in front of the truck with both hands up and a baton in between, a clear indicator for the hurried vehicle to stop. Another man beside him, carrying a black hose, walked around to the side of the truck and began spraying. For a few seconds, the truck was still, while the man with the hose circled around the truck until every single part of it had been tended to. The man with the baton finally stepped back off to the side and waved his hands, motioning for the truck to go forwar
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Will-o'-the-Wisp and Bloody Mary (Willow and Mary) by PsychedAngsty Will-o'-the-Wisp and Bloody Mary (Willow and Mary) :iconpsychedangsty:PsychedAngsty 1 0 Crimson Rose Cafe FC - Bloody Mary by PsychedAngsty Crimson Rose Cafe FC - Bloody Mary :iconpsychedangsty:PsychedAngsty 3 8


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Character Name: Astenos

Age: Looks 18, is 465

Species: No one’s too sure—many suspect she is some kind of banshee or siren.

Gender: Female

Appearance: Astenos is an eerie creature of admiration. She has black overgrown hair, twice as long as herself, which is quick to dry when she rises to the surface. Her bangs are so long that her eyes are concealed by them, and it’s a wonder that she can move around as though she can see perfectly fine. (In fact, she does see perfectly fine.) Though her face is a rare sight to behold, it is a thing of beauty when seen. Those who have seen either it or her power know that she has bright red irises that can glow. Her skin is very pale, almost as if she has been powdered all over with ground fine porcelain.

The attire she wears is simple: a loose long-sleeved teal robe that also dries quickly out of the water. She may occasionally emerge from the water with accessories, trying on her latest discoveries before she adds them to her ever-growing collection.

History: Some centuries ago, there was a pirate whose name left many men shuddering with fear. Vinton “One Eye” Hale was a powerful captain with men under him so cruel that to see their ship alone was the greatest terror of the seas. But even this was somehow not enough for Vinton. He made one foolish choice, the choice to form a deal with an eldritch being far beyond his comprehension. Unaware of the consequences of the bargain, he and his crewmates experienced a brief surge of superiority on the waters, gaining a vast amount of wealth.

In less than a decade, the pact made it clear that he had sealed his own fate—his flesh flaked away before the eyes of his crew, rendering him a skeleton with his garments still on. All the other men on board soon followed, and the phantom pirates saw their ashes circle at the center of their ship, whirling around a beacon of ghostly light until from there, a young lady emerged. This lady, seeing that she was not alone on the ship, at once let out a terrifying, unearthly screech that sent the undead crew fleeing on their lifeboats.

Once alone on the ship, the lady slowly steered the ship of gold, towards a gigantic cove, hidden well under a conveniently hollow mountain with a small hole in the top that grazed the sky. (This cove would later be dubbed Dream Cove.) Then, after magically preserving it with the power she was formed from, she sank the Astenos, loot and all, right where the cove waters are steepest, and claimed the name of the vessel for herself as a personal reminder of her power and her nemeses. Since then, she has stayed in the cove unless she on the hunt, whether it be for food or treasure or lore.

None of the other pirates who visit Dream Cove, initially lured by beautiful song, know of where this lady came from, for how long she has been around, or what became of the fearsome, legendary crew of Vinton “One Eye” Hale. What they do know is that when the light of the sun or the moon enters, the waters of the cove dimly shine.

Personality: Astenos only speaks under two circumstances. The first circumstance is that she feels she must answer a question directed to her that cannot be answered with simple gestures such as a nod or a hiss. The second circumstance is that she is singing.

She also regularly makes barters with the pirates that come by Dream Cove, though she is much friendlier with her bargains than the entity whose power she was born from. Her prices are reasonable, give or take some value depending on her mood. Her mentality works much like that of a merchant, which benefits her when she leaves the cove to collect treasure or tales. She gives away services and goods as long as the pirates can or are willing to return the favor. She likes to accompany them on their voyages on occasion. Her principle tends to be that repeat customers are her best friends.

Astenos is sensitive to the emotions of others. As such, there is the chance that the moods of others in the vicinity will affect how she feels. She acts on her emotions in slight ways, but she will react drastically if pushed to extremes. It is not uncommon to see her normally flat lips curl up into a smile, though hearing her giggle would mean that something has VERY greatly amused her.

While she likes her own name, she despises Vinton “One-Eye” Hale with a passion. She seeks to get rid of him and his crew some day, but she knows she is not ready for that, not yet. She may have had the element of surprise upon her birth, but she knows that since the eldritch phenomenon has claimed their souls, they will grow stronger. If she one day grows strong enough to face them, she will battle them with the intention of delivering them to the void, where nothingness awaits them. Astenos and the ocean are in full agreement that not a single one of them deserves the afterlife.

Weakness: When it comes to supernatural power, Astenos can be overwhelmed by any force more powerful than she. Powers that are considered divine or holy tend to have stronger effects against her. (This doesn’t mean she is averse to every single power of that type, but just the ones meant to attack her.)

Also, to perform certain feats, she may require certain components such as her voice or materials. Anything that limits her from using or gaining them would not bode well for her under dire circumstances.

Weapons/Abilities: She can communicate with coastal or marine animals, who sometimes bring to her useful news or messages from the waters. Astenos, being the creature she is, can breathe underwater. She is also able to endure high water pressure and extreme water temperatures without injury. Her senses work just as well underwater as it does on land, if not better. While Astenos is not one who makes too much of a fuss, her memory is much more immaculate. If a single valuable from Dream Cove, ashore or underwater, is missing, she WILL know. (So as a general rule of thumb, the pirates ought not to take anything without her permission.) There is also the power of her voice which, while charismatic and captivating on its own, can sometimes be imbued with enchantments. She can sing beautifully, and she can use her song to affect the minds of others (e.g. putting to sleep, deceiving, luring). She can also scream at horrendous levels to the point where it can shatter materials or torment the minds of others. She can also choose to hover over water if she does not feel like walking or swimming. All the aforementioned abilities are those that she can use freely.

And then there are her other powers, other powers that require consent from the ocean. The ocean is both Astenos’s master and servant. Much of Astenos’s power relies on the presence of water, though it is not a necessity. Any power that does not naturally belong to her, she can only do with confirmation from that which both lords over her and she lords over. Abilities such as manipulating elements and whatnot are things that she cannot do if the ocean does not wish it, for whatever reason. The favor she asks the most of the ocean, and the one it gladly gives, is glimpses of what the future holds. Future is always a fickle thing, and the ocean makes no promises. This, Astenos understands and tells the pirates who bargain with her so that she may pass her knowledge to them. Despite anything that can or will come being uncertain, she is a skilled interpreter, and offers suggestions of her own frequently, though she is not always a hundred percent correct—and she admits to this freely, as usual. (By the way, it's worth noting she can only ask permission of the ocean if any of her five sense can detect seawater.)

Astenos also has the much more mundane ability of cooking (beverages count). Give her something to stew or brew, and the results will often be excellent. She's taken up doing this because she realizes this brings in more customers.

Other: Astenos has been nicknamed "sea witch” by those who do not know her name. Those who do know it do not know of its origins--no one alive now knows the name of the ship of Vinton Hale.

Requested Class in Chatroom: FortuneTellers


Well, this is certainly an interesting take on Sonata! Now I can't help but imagine that maybe she's the ditzy type of leader with Aria...

by Rulette

BLITZ WHATCHA DONE TO MAKE HER SO MAD I love this picture! One look, and I caught myself staring at this for a few minutes before I dec...

Whoa~! This is an awesome picture! And it's REALLY cute! I've got some things I'd like to point out, and I have some questions, too. VI...


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